How to reduce chronic inflammation?

We see a lot of cases where the improvement is slow because of the low-level inflammation. Joints are swollen and “angry” when body is in inflammatory state. How to beat chronic low-grade inflammation?

This is what scientists recommend to control and beat the chronic inflammation:

Regular good and deep sleep to allow your body to repair and reset.

* Avoid caffeine in tea, coffee and soft drinks. At least avoid it in the afternoon! 

* Meditate. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MD podcast Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy: The Very Best Tips – Dr Rangan Chatterjee (

* Get Physically Tired through stretching and exercise.

* Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MD podcast BITESIZE | Why Sleep Matters (and How to Get More) | Matthew Walker – Dr Rangan Chatterjee (

* Digital detox, blue light and analogue activities. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MD podcast on Digital Detox: BITESIZE | Transform Your Life with a Digital Detox | Cal Newport – Dr Rangan Chatterjee (


Breathing techniques to oxygenate the system and to reduce stress.

* Start with Box Breathing



* Continue with Wim Hof


Cold Showers/Ice Baths to improve the immune system and circulation. Scientists claim this to be a great way to fight inflammation.

* Life scientific podcast about ice water having anti-inflammatory effect with professor Mike Tipton The Life Scientific – Mike Tipton on how our bodies respond to extreme conditions – BBC Sounds.

* Wim Hoff cold showers – daily.

* Cold water immersion and its anti-inflammatory effects in sports. Cold Water Immersion – Science for Sport

Harward Professor Explains the Secret to Aging in Reverse taking about Fasting, Recovery and Exposure to Cold

Low sugar/carbohydrate diet and Fasting to reduce insulin levels and detoxify.

* Intermittent fasting 16/8 aiming for 18/6 and regular fasting for longer periods.


Lecture on dangers of High Carbohydrate diet causing High Insulin levels leading to diabetes and other health problems including inflammation.

* Cooking with less water and fat in high quality stainless steel cookware using lower temperatures (316Ti like Saladmaster)

Benefits: Reducing negative chemicals from fat burning (Trans fats etc.). Retaining Minerals and Vitamins from Vegetables. Avoiding leakage of chemicals from cookware.

 Vitamin D levels

* Vitamin D deficiency is common today and this vitamin is not available in our diet in sufficient amounts, but produced in your skin by regular exposure to strong sunshine or through supplements.

* Vitamin D deficiency is linked to bone density loss, muscle stiffness, depression and anxiety, dementia.

* Deficiency of Vitamin D is known to be linked to inflammation. Read the article here. 

 Omega 3 and inflammation

* Omega 3 is less available in foods than Omegas 6 and 9 and has anti-inflammatory effects. Read the article here.


* Drink 1.5-2 litres, this is 6-8 glasses of pure water every day. Drink more when you exercise or work physically.

* Alkaline and filtered water is better than tap. Check “Kangen water” and alkalising filters.

* Drink more water in the first part of the day to avoid waking up at night.

* Drink water before meals to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Food sensitivity, intolerance and microbiome imbalance – another hidden cause of desease.

Food sensitivity can contribute to chronic inflammation adding an unecessary load onto your immune system. Knowing and avoiding the foods which can cose this negative effect, aids better health and recovery.

Our experience: 

Intermittent Fasting: download any Intermittent Fasting app and start regular and slow with 12/12 or 14/10 and gradually increase to longer fasts. “Water fast” is the best way but teas (especially herbal) and coffees are ok without sugar and milk.

Cold Exposure: Have your normal hot shower, and at the end, switch to coldest water setting and start with your feet, as far up as bearable, count to 30 seconds. Next day progress further up to your waist and day by day increase the exposure to cold water.

Sleeping better: Our patients report sleeping better after the treatment. Chiropractic works with nervous system and gentle stretches we recommend are relaxing and soothing too. Magnesium supplements and Valerian Extract can lelp you sleep.

Food Sensitivity Testing: available at the clinic.

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