Chiropractic – ‘Dedicated to Getting People Well and Keeping Them That Way’

Our statement in chiropractic

Have you ever noticed that little statement on the sign outside our practice? That statement that reads:

‘Dedicated to Getting People Well and Keeping Them That Way’

This statement is something that we apply to each and every patient we see at our practice but we felt the need to explain it a little further for you because it was born out of a very particular way of practicing, a way that has changed our practice and the health of our patients much for the better for many years now.

Most patients who consult with us for the first time have usually been experiencing their particular problem for many years. Some as much as 10-15 years and many have even given up hope of ever beating the pain that has been troubling them for so long.

The roots of the problem

Because of this, often the problem could be explained as quite deep seated. Of course every patient is different and special in their own way but generally if someone has had a problem that has been going on for 10 years or more then it can take some time to correct.

The good news is that the pain part of the problem is usually the first thing to go, which of course is always good to hear. However, this can bring its own problems. You see just because the pain has gone doesn’t mean the problem that caused that pain has been corrected.

Getting People Well

That’s where the ‘Dedication to Getting People Well’ comes in, because it takes dedication both from the Doctor and the patient in order to correct these problems that are so often presented to us.
Many people understandably believe that once the pain has disappeared then so has the problem but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Unless the problem is corrected in the long term then that pain is likely to appear again. It is the reason why we spend a fair amount of time in the beginning getting to the cause of the problem – But once we have found that cause then we can get to work dedicating ourselves to correcting it and hence getting that person ‘Well’ again.

Keeping Well

Once we have reached the point in a patients care programme where we have corrected the problem to the best of our ability then comes the second part of that all important phrase . . . ‘Keeping Them That Way.’

You see people rarely change their lifestyle and it’s their lifestyle that brought them to this point in the first place. When we say this we don’t mean it to sound like these people lead bad lifestyles at all, but it may be the way a person swings their golf club that caused the problem, or that their job means that they spend much of the day sat in front of a computer screen, or their work involves a lot of physical lifting – the list of lifestyle issues is endless.

Lifestyle Changes

Very often it is simply not realistic to expect people to change their lifestyle under these circumstances, however the good news is that they don’t necessarily have to.

Once the problem has been corrected we can often keep it that way by the patient attending the practice perhaps once per month to get their spine checked over and adjusted, along with a simple regular exercise programme. As we said before, every case is different and for some it may be every two months and for others it may mean every two weeks.

However, the important thing to remember is this. Once you have dedicated yourself to finally correcting the problem that has caused so much pain in the past, isn’t it worth maintaining it in that good condition?

Phases of chiropractic care at our clinic in South Woodford

Your Doctor of Chiropractic will explain to you what your case requires in order to keep it in good condition but there are three phases of care:

1. The Intense Phase – (Pain Relief)
2. The Corrective Phase – (Putting the Cause Right)
3. The Maintenance Phase – (Keeping it Right)

Those three phases of care are all summed up in that special phrase we use:

‘Dedicated to Getting People Well and Keeping Them That Way’

When you are a patient at our practice we will always endeavor to have that phrase apply to you, so the problem you first consulted with us for is kept at bay in the long term – that way you can continue your lifestyle the way you wish to live it, without being ruled by your back problem.

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