Nerves chart

Nervous system is running the body!

Please see below Meric chart – a traditional chiropractic nerves chart depicting the nervous system and what symptoms you may expect if it’s function is disrupted by dysfunctional spine.

If this nerves chart is difficult to read, just save it to your computer and view as normal image where you can magnify the areas of interest to see whether any of the symptoms listed are relevant to you. All you have to do is a “right click” on the image to “view it” or “save it”. And hopefully this will be a first step to solving some of your health issues.

Chiropractic nerve chart

More about spinal nerves chart:

Why Chiropractic is so powerful?

In this article we describe the importance and the influence of nervous system on all systems of your body.

Chiropractors work with the spine to try and help to improve the nerve conduction through rehabilitation and strengthening of the spine.

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