Spinedango® – Spine Rehabilitation through Dance!

Working for many years in the field of the spine related disorders, we are always on lookout for the best physical exercise to follow and complement the care at the clinic.

Many patients are eager to dive into sports when the back pain is gone. This sometimes can cause more bad than good. Often people do too much or too soon and often just the wrong type of exercise for their condition.

One of the best exercises for the spine is dance. We came to this conclusion, that people who dance regularly rarely need our help and if they do, they improve quicker and stay well longer.

Not every type of dance is beneficial and not for everyone.

This new project was started in cooperation between Chiropractor and Professional Dance Instructor. We select and perfect the dance moves taken from mainstream Latin Dance. We make them work for those who are looking to improve the flexibility and strength of their spine and joints. We’ve called it Spinedango!

Today Spinedango® classes available in several locations in London and New Instructor training is offered to those who want to lead the Spinedango® movement. Very soon we will be running one-to-one classes at the clinic and are ready to offer corporate classes at place of your work.

Please watch the video below to see the benefits it can bring you and to hear the testimonials

Spinedango Official website is currently unavailable for technical reasons, but your free stretsches are still here!

One of the reasons we’ve taken part in this project was that we wanted to give you a nice and short set of exercises to follow. These are stretches and toning for the spine we usually recommend, but in Spinedango style!

Here they are – our stretches made by Spinedango and they are free to follow. 

Two daily sets of exercises – 9 minutes each!


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