Flat feet or over-pronated feet?

What do chiropractors do?

We are often asked what Chiropractic treatment involves? Most chiropractors talk about the “adjustment” but thatʼs not all we can do to help you.

We also have to consider what we ask our bodies to do on a daily basis. We live in a demanding environment which puts stress not only on our backs but also affects the function and alignment of our feet knees and hips. It is important to understand that back pain that comes on gradually, is almost always accompanied by changes to these areas as well.

Chiropractors know most patients have a whole series of symptoms and itʼs our job to connect the dots and treat you as a whole; not just your isolated symptoms. Within our clinic as well as offering standard Chiropractic treatment, using adjustments, massage and physiotherapy.

Often the picture starts with feet

Our Chiropractors care about the whole picture and where appropriate will incorporate some extras, one of our most popular is orthotic arch supports and another is the use of barefoot shoes.

Excessive pronation affects all joints.

How do flat feet affect us?

The human body originally developed to walk on soft terrains and uneven surfaces such as grass, sand and soil. In the modern world we tend to walk on much harder, man made surfaces e.g. tarmac, concrete or hard floors. Our feet react by collapsing the arch on the inside of the foot but this causes the shock of impact with the ground to travel up the body.

When the arch collapses it also causes other problems. It twists your lower leg inwards, placing stress on the inside of the knee. The buttock muscles have to tighten pulling the upper thigh outwards. The pelvis twists forwards increasing the curve in your lower back and putting a lot of stress on the low back joints.

We see a lot of patients who have had episodes of low back, knee and hip pain. After years of suffering they still donʼt know that they have flat feet. Other symptoms often caused by flat feet include: bunions and corns, heel spurs, tired aching legs, knee pain, and hip pain.

So how can foot problem be corrected?

By using individually fitted, orthotic arch supports, these are a heat mouldable plastic shoe insert designed to support the arch on the inside of the foot.

Another option is to change your footware opting for wider at the toe-end shoes to allow your feet to work in a more physiological way.

Then, depending on your presentation and required results you can chose either Barefoot shoes or wider shoes with insoles.

Please see our blog-post concerning footware here.

Easy correction with orthotics

How will arch supports help me?

A small change at the bottom makes a huge difference all the way up to the top of the body. Your spine and especially your lower back is key to this change too. Nerves which manage and repair the structures in the legs, exit from your spine. If these nerves are under pressure because your back is stiff and sore, they can not perform well.

By adding a little support to your shoe you can fix the problems to the knee and hip, enabling you be more comfortable if you are on your feet all day or help you manage a 10 mile hike.

What else can I do to fix overpronation and flat feet?

Chiropractors want your spine to move like a well-oiled machine. They fix the low back pain with adjustments and you will be encouraged to do exercises to build your core strength.

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How to check if your feet are aligned correctly

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