Gluten – is it Good or Bad?

Wheat and it's effect on a healthy body

Gluten – is it Good or Bad?

What do scientists say?

Gluten Sensitivity can be present even if the Gluten Intolerance tests are negative. This means that is you have had the tests, and the results are “negative”, meaning, that you do not have gluten sensitivity (in medical terms), it does not mean that your health is not affected by Gluten.

Glyphosate Sensitivity has similar trend – some people are simply very-very sensitive (showing signs faster) and others are not showing such signs until very late in life, but it still affects everyone. 

Your body systems can be still reacting badly to both: Gluten and Glyphosate (herbicide) present in modern wheat products. Both at the same time can be affecting body systems even worse.

Can it play a role in inflammatory conditions around your spine and Joints?

Here is a documentary about Modern Wheat, Gluten and Glyphosate (weed killer).

I have met the author Cyndi O’Meara at the seminar in London few years ago, and I am glad to know, that her work is still going strong.

This documentary is free to watch here:

What’s With Wheat – Documentary (Free to Watch)

If you want to support the authors and their research, please visit this page:

What’s With Wheat – Official Documentary

Meet some of  the scientists, who took part in this documentary:

What’s With Wheat – Authors


There are of course some other authors who speak against anti-gluten and anti-glyphosate movement, claiming that glyphosate and gluten are safe and only people with specific disease (Celiac disease) have a problem.

I wonder who sponsored their publications?

This is for you to decide!

Have a great day and stay healthy, whatever it takes!