BackPacks vs Holdalls – Who Wins?

How important is it to look after your child’s back?

Let’s face it – Why are we even asking the question, I mean it’s obvious isn’t it?

If we look at school children between 6 and 8 years of age we see the child with the backpack, all the weight evenly spread across their back and their posture looking good…

One shoulder bag – many problems

Wearing a shoulder bag or backpack hanging on one shoulder will surely create some misalignment in your child’s spine leading to scoliosis (“curvature of the spine”) and other spine related problems like headaches and fatigue. Does your child deserve this? Will that impact on their performance and quality of life? You bet! Teach your child to evenly spread the pressure of their backpack along both shoulders.

Backpack and symmetry

Correct adjustment of straps will help to keep them upright. Only allow to take minimum of necessary books with them and help them to learn to walk upright without leaning forward. This will sure pay off in later life, helping to developed strong spine a good posture, thus avoiding back pain, headaches and other spine-related problems.

Healthy future starts with healthy spine and nervous system

Small things make a big difference. Replacing wrong habits with good ones will surely be a beginning of a healthy future for your child spine and nervous system. Backpacks versus Holdalls – Who Wins?

Thank you for looking after your child!

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