Christmas (Xmas in Greek) and New Year at The Back Pain Centre!

Xmas message from your chiropractor

At the end of another challenging year, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Xmas!

We sincerely hope that all of our practice members/patients have Great Health in the new 2022 and beyond!

We wish everyone to move on into 2022 with better backs and necks and a strong Nervous system. Also wishing your Immune system continue fighting off all the nasty viruses with great success.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice at any time, by phone, email or through social media. We regularly monitor clinic’s Facebook Page and our profile on Google.

During Xmas and New Year celebration, the clinic will remain open most days, except public holidays.

We are still following government recommendations of distancing and PPE, plus additional cleaning and sanitation.

Please wear a face covering when in the clinic.

Below is the list of Chiropractors days and times during festive season:

Dr. Milla Karvinen DC

Working 20th and 21st December all day then she is working on the 4th of January.

Dr Igor Generalovs DC

Working 20th and 21st December all day, 30th all day and then he is working on the 4th of January.

Dr. Terry Chimes DC

Working on the 17th all day, 29th and 31st December all day, then 5th and 7th.

Dr. Vasily Maslukovs DC

Working on 22nd, 23rd all day, 24th AM only, 29th, 30th, 31st AM only, 5th,7th, 8th AM (Saturday).

Dr. Lilies McGovern DC

Lilies is agreed to cover the absence of our fellow chiropractors for 1 day on 23rd December. Lilies used to work at the clinic for several years, but then she decided to practice closer to her home in West London. She was dearly missed by many of her patients.

Please book with Lilies for your routine or maintenance appointment in advance, as she is only coming for 1 day and you may miss the chance to see her (if you are her previous patient).

Please remember that we can help you:

                      We can make or change your appointment even when we are closed. We can access clinic diary remotely and make changes if needed. Just call or text through social media.

                      If you need to speak to your chiropractor about specific issue or ask for advice, don’t hesitate to ask for extra time at your next appointment.

                      Call anytime, even when we are closed and someone will advise you if you are in pain. Lines are redirected to assist you in emergencies.

                      If you need a reminder of your stretches, visit

With you in Health – The Back Pain Centre