Food Sensitivity Testing – helping to identify hidden cause of inflammation?

Food sensitivity tests are now available from the clinic (with discount) to help you understand how to reduce the following symptoms:

Sensitivity to certain foods can be a silent cause of your health problems. Unnecessary Immune Load can be contributing to back and joint pain.

Your Gut Map Practitioner

Someone I know very well, recently recovered from cancer, he suffered a lot through several operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But when he just had his diagnosis – he went onto special diet, following one old book called The Mucusless diet. This diet is basically – eating only fruit and veg, no grains, no meat, no fish, no fat, no milk, no eggs, no nuts, no seeds or pulses.

This diet along with herbs, medicinal mushroom powders, and other specific supplements, helped him to get through this turmoil and he didn’t even stop his work.

But, what is really amazing, that for the first time in last 30+ years he had no back pain. We knew that he has lower back discs completely worn away (we saw it on his x-ray) and that he “supposed to be” in some discomfort the least. But the pain was gone.

When he recovered from radio- and chemo-therapy, he resumed a normal diet. And the pain returned to his back and joints.

He knew from the thorough and expensive nutrition course, that main foods to cause inflammation are usually Gluten, Dairy and Egg. He fully avoided Gluten and partially avoided Egg and Dairy. Pain lessent but not gone.

He has done the tests then, and he was shocked!

The food sensitivity IgG Immunity test shown a very strong reaction to Casein – a milk protein, Egg and Yeast! Moderately raised reaction to Wheat Flour.

His immune load was up to 672 when highest on that scale was at 400!

He was always a healthy eater – never processed, low sugar, grows his own vegetables and not overdoing with anything, But avoiding eggs, dairy and yeast he didn’t do. He simply didn’t know he had to…

His theory is that if his system was not under such load from these foods it wouldn’t miss cancer cells. This is the main purpose of the immunity – to be onguard for cancer, viruses and bacteria…but it was busy breaking down the unwanted foods.

There are several pathways how food sensitivity leads to health problems and joint pain. 

We decided to offer you these test, so they can improve your health through the correction of your diet.

The company we are using is called Your Gut Map.

 **Here is some more about the tests:

What is a food sensitivity?

A food sensitivity is developed due to an adverse delayed response to foods that is usually caused by the immune system.

Why do food sensitivity develop? 

Typically it is a sign that the foods being consumed are not being effectively digested and larger particles are entering the bloodstream as undigested proteins which can trigger an immune response. This simply looks to break down the larger undigested food to smaller molecules that can be absorbed. Similarly how the immune system attacks a virus to break down a pathogen. As a result of this it causes inflammation in the body that provokes symptoms. 

It can be said that food sensitivity can be associated with your favourite foods those that are consumed in high quantities, but there are many other factors to consider:

– How food is processed
– How intensive animals are reared
– Fertilisers used in the farming process
– Overconsumption of antibiotics
– Genetics
– Stress
– Poor gut bacteria
– Leaky gut syndrome

What are the symptoms associated with food sensitivity?
● Bloating
● Constipation
● Diarrhoea
● Fatigue
● Migraine
● Stomach cramps

Joint pain, Back pain, Fibromyalgia and various skin disorders can also be a sign of food sensitivity/intolerance.


How does taking a test help improve the symtpoms? 

Through a simple finger pricks test, we can help identify raised IgG levels against trigger foods in the diet. Having a guided food elimination diet helps identify food to consume, limit or avoid being able to reduce the immune load/ inflammation in the body. This would then form the basis of a three month diet plan in order to allow the symptoms to reduce.


*Food sensitivity – a food sensitivity is defined as a food specific IgG response. The reaction is measured through IgG responses to foods to help overcome problems associated with adverse delayed immune reactions to food. Our company does not claim to cure any associated diseases or conditions, and always recommend consulting with a GP before undertaking our programme.

**The text below is copywrite of YourGutMap.

The company also offers 

DNA testUnderstanding your genetic predispositions can give you the vital tools to understand and manage your health. There is a two-way interaction between your DNA and your lifestyle, DNAMap gives you the tools to help optimise your nutrition and health in line with your genes.

DNAMap explores your personal genetic profile within the context of 8 elements of health and wellbeing: digestion, metabolism, stress, immunity, nutrients, stimulants, exercise and sleep.

Microbiome test – The Microbiome of your digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria.

Modern diets, lifestyles, and medication can cause imbalances in the microbiome – which are linked to chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction – key influences of many health problems.

Parasitology tests – Unwanted bacteria and parasites can find their way into your gut. Whilst some parasites are harmless, others can cause health problems.

One of the most researched and prominent pathogenic bacteria is Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) which has been shown to damage tissue in the small intestine.

The YourGutMap Parasitology test is a complete screen of 22 of the most common parasites, viruses and pathogenic bacteria.


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