Acute Pain – What to do?

We want to help!

During the lockdown we have been open only two days a week, and only for people in pain, emergencies and to support the key-workers (mainly NHS staff).

We will open another three days next week, as our staff if starting to come back to work. We take all necessary precautions recommended by our regulatory bodies.

We have given recommendations over the phone to hundreds of people in pain.You can repeat same routine up to 5 times in a row for best result, couple of times a day.

Common mistakes in back pain care.

What is surprising is that a lot of people are still using heat on their back or neck. This normally gives them a short relief, but often followed by worsening of their symptoms. This is because the heat (hot water bottle) increases the inflammation and swelling around the joints of the spine. Same effect is expected from the hot bath – nice pain relief for a short while, followed by worsening of symptoms.

Your best friend -ice!

Please use ice! Ice packs with soft gel inside will mould to your back nicely and reduce inflammation and pain. This can be done every 2 hours for 20 minutes. Best to be lying down with the ice pack – on your back with knees bent or on your stomach, if it gives you a relief of symptoms. If you don’t have the ice-pack, use a bag of frozen peas or similar, and wrap it up in a tea towel or t-shirt to prevent the ice-burn. Do not sit with the ice, as sitting is not generally recommended during back or neck pain.

Dont sit – walk or lie down!

Generally sitting is not recommended as it stiffens the lower back even more and rounds the shoulders forward, creating unnecessary tension in the neck.

If you have to sit down, please recline back enough, so you can’t slouch forward and always support your low back natural curve, using a cushion or pillow.

Generally, even if in pain, try to stay as mobile as possible, doing little stretches for your spine and joints, both in bed and when on your feet. The formula is very simple – do as often as possible 5-10 times a day, stretches which do not cause pain during or after you’ve done them. That way you can progress with these stretches and your symptoms will start to improve.

Stay safe and if you have any questions, give us a call anytime for advice and support

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