Sharon Geoghegan

About Me:

Sharon became a massage therapist in 2016 and worked at The Back Pain Centre since October 2019. After a career in dancing and hospitality management, I became a mother and made the choice to retrain in Massage Therapy. My natural route to massage has come from of a passion for helping people, often treating my friends and colleagues in dance college.

Sharon trained at The London School of Massage and is qualified in Sports Massage Level 3, as well as therapeutic, deep tissue and pregnancy massage.

Sharon constantly reads around her love of anatomy and continues her studies to further develop her own understanding of the human body; and to help others work in a mindful way to promote healthier joints, muscles and improved posture.

Sharon recently attended an Anatomy Trains course, focusing on fascia and the connectedness of the whole body.

She is also undertaking online learning with Tom Myers on the ‘science of stretch’.

As well as offering soft tissue therapy, Sharon also teaches Pilates. Her passion for teaching Pilates has been borne out of her love of dance. Pilates has been fundamental to her professional dance training since the age of 16, ensuring a career free of injury. After training at London Studio Centre, where she earned a degree in Theatre and Contemporary Dance, Sharon had a fruitful career touring with many different companies throughout the UK, and featured in a specially choreographed bill-topping performance with the Pet Shop Boys at the Brit Awards in 2009.

Sharon offers valuable and individually-tailored stretching and strengthening exercises to help with posture and reducing back pain. If you are interested in improving your posture, flexibility and core strength to make your body work more efficiently, join one of her classes. Alternatively, Sharon offers 1:1 sessions ideal for beginners, or for a more challenging session. Her mantra is “Pilates is for everyone!”

Sharon currently teaches at Featherbeats, Mill Lane, Woodford Green, and has new classes coming soon to Air-Yoga, South Woodford.

Sharon is a member of, and is insured by, The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

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At The Back Pain Centre we offer extensive range of vitamins and supplements. Established in 1982, Lamberts® is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist dietary supplements to Practitioners and Pharmacists who use nutrition and herbs in healthcare. All Lamberts® products are manufactured in the UK to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and approved by the UK Department of Health, so you can be assured that all of these products are of the highest pharmaceutical standard. 

A selection of beneficial natural remedies is in stock at The Back Pain Centre including Turmeric (curcumin), Bromelain, Devil’s Claw and Fish Oil (Omega 3). Also a Vitamin D with K2 by Barefoot company is always in stock.




We also offer orthotic therapy based on the products of ICB. ICB is a heat mouldable orthotic insoles designed to re-align and support your feet providing a great foundation for your lower limbs, the spine and a whole body. It is a well known fact that problems related to your feet are linked to the conditions of the knees, hips and the spine. Our chiropractors are specially trained to prescribe and fit orthotics from ICB as part of comprehensive management plan to improve your health.